Meet Panini

Intel i7


Hands off

Autonomous Formations


Duplex, 70Mhz-6Ghz

15 mins

Flight time

4 KG

Max Payload

7 KG


An intelligent unmanned autonomous flying system - ready for your applications.

Features: You Ask, We Deliver

Built for Intelligence

Our platform is built with automation and intelligence in mind. It is intelligent enough to take off, perform experiments, and land on its own.

Powered By Linux

Our RF acquisition system is a fully autonomous flying machine. Our system is powered by Ubuntu LTS with an onboard i7 processor and uses a PX4 flight controller equipped with GPS and Lidar sensors for precise positioning!


Presence of off-the-shelf hardware and support for linux makes this highly customizable. You can customize it any way you like. And, don't forget to drop us a line about your awesome mod!

Our Clients