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Workshop Update Nov 12, 14 2016

During November, Intelligent Robotics, along with CompGeom, Inc. and Ettus Research hosted an Open Source Software Defined Radio workshop utilizing the Ettus Research USRP software defined radio system and open source tool chains.

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Workshop: Software Defined Radio Nov 12, 14 2016

Hands-on design with GNU Radio and other open source tools for developing wireless communication systems utilizing the Ettus Research USRP software defined radio platforms.

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Workshop: FSUS Robotics Club September 2016

During September of 2016, Intelligent Robotics gave a 3D printing and computer programming presentation to FSUS’s Robotics class.

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Book Launch: Python Application Programming updated for Python 3.5.2

Books on programming are usually verbose. This book is a non-traditional approach to learning Python efficiently. In this book, the authors have struck a balance between verbosity and pace of learning. The layout is used to summarize the important features of the language using self-explanatory examples, while keeping descriptions to a minimum.

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Workshop: Computational Techniques In Materials Genomics May 16 - 19, 2016

The workshop aims to bring together researchers, who are interested in developing computational techniques based on the physics-based material models, for innovative discovery of new materials with reduced development time, highly optimized performances and more effective ways to bring them to production.

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