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Some Other Interesting Links from my Old homepage

  1. List of US Univs. (Actual Site)
  2. Maths N Computing Course Structure.(IIT Kharagpur)
  3. The Geometry Center(Minnesota))
  4. Computer Vision Page.(CMU)
  5. Pattern Recognition On the Web.(GodFried)
  6. Lectures, Surveys and Papers. (Algorithms)
  7. Want to Learn Wavelets?(IEEE)
  8. Want to Learn Geomerty? (Only if U Love Imagination)
  9. Geometry [in Action][Junkyard] (Prof. D.Eppstein,UCI )
  10. Nan's Computer Science Education Page(Germany)
  11. NewsGroups of Interest(Graphics)
  12. Polygonal Model List For Graphics Research(Prof. Turks Collection)
  13. Hypertext Bibliography Project at MIT
  15. 3D Reconstruction Page.(Stanford)
  16. Bibliographies(Computational Geometry)
  17. Want to learn to play a Piano(Synthesizer)?

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