If you do not know, what a delaunay triangulation is, you can read more about it here and here. This C++ library module is just a wrapper class on the Triangle package of Jonathan. Many times I have had to use triangle in C++ code bases of mine and have been forced to use C. At last I thought I would put a wrapper on his cool C code and it seems that this is what I got. The design is not perfect and the code was written in a day, but it does compile and run on the machines I tried (cygwin/redhat). The C++ wrapper will certainly slow access down if you want to mess with the triangulation but the basic delaunay triangulation should be as fast as triangle. Look at the del_interface.hpp file for getting started on what this wrapper can do for you. Also have a look at main.cpp which shows an example of using this class. The class is thread-safe.

Requirements : Python, make and C++ compilers. Supported C/C++ Compilers: g++ / icpc (Intel C++). Also needed is doxygen for generating documentation.

Compilation : Just type 'make'

Testing : Goto the bin directory, and type './test ../data/input.dat' (after compilation of course).



You can download the latest version of the source code from bitbucket (find "get source" on this page) or an older version from here.


Change Log

10/21/06: Replaced vertexsort with C++ sort.
10/25/06: Wrapped in tpp namespace for usage with other libraries with similar names. Added some more documentation/small changes. Used doxygen 1.5.0 and dot. Tested compilation with icc 9.0/9.1, gcc-4.1/3.4.6.
11/03/06: Fixed the compilation system.

  1. Intel Compiler Warnings with -Wall

  2. Implement vertexmedian() in C++.
  3. Add #include to assert.hpp for newer gcc compilers.
  4. Implement the flip operator as a member function of Delaunay.

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