Short Programs/Scripts

Video Manipulation
Video->Audio A small web app to convert youtube videos to audio files for download. (Created: Dec 2011).

PDF Manipulation
xpdf3.exe / poppler.exe An installer for XPDF / poppler on windows. I was looking for a MSI/EXE to install XPDF / poppler on windows, could not find one, so here it comes (Created: May 2011). I've only tested it on a Win 7 box. If you get in trouble with other versions, please fire me an email.

Computational Geometry
Triangle++ A thread-safe C++ wrapper around the delaunay triangulation package 'Triangle' of Jonathan Richard Shewchuk.

rename Converts the naming of Maya output images so that they can be used in adobe produts.
myimgcvt Converts files output from maya to any format (right now png).
encoder Concatenates all png files in the directory to a avi file using mencoder. (Uses msmpeg4v2/mpeg4).
centerobj This script takes as input an obj file on command line and produces output.obj centered on the origin such that the object is also enclosed inside the unit ball.
rand3rot.m , rand3rot.cpp This matlab/C++ implementation generates a random rotation matrix of size 3x3. I use it for projecting a set of 3D points onto random two dimensional subspaces. The code is written in both C++ or matlab.
rand3sphere.m This matlab implementation generates a set of n random points on the unit sphere in 3D.
QuadEdge Paul Heckbert's Quad Edge implementation. I tweaked it so that it compiles with g++ and Intel's C++ compiler. The makefile is for cygwin/linux. Also removed the SVL library dependence, and used my own dpoint.hpp class. Latest compiled on : opensuse 11, with g++ 4.3.1. [ Original Homepage ]

GIS Acquires and stitches maps around an area from google maps both in usual map and satellite formats. Here are some sample images obtained by the script : [ Google maps image ] Update: Does not work anymore. Google's terms and conditions does not allow for pulling map data out of google servers.