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People in Geometric Computing...

... Mesh Generation, Computational Graphics and the Computer Sciences in general. This is obviously a totally incomplete list in alphabetical order of the authors' last names. If you feel something is incorrect or missing, please send me email.
Nina Amenta @ Xerox Parc
The definitive collection of computational geometry software at the Geometry Center
Nina's Wish List of programs someone ought to write!
Fausto Bernardini @ Purdue University
Reconstruction of surfaces from 3D scans within the SHASTRA project
Frank Bossen @ École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Interactive 2D Delaunay triangulator written in Java. Still the best!
Hervé Brönnimann @ INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
The CG Tribune and other computational geometry WWW sites
Paul Chew @ Cornell
Guaranteed-quality (2D) mesh generation
Ken Clarkson @ Bell Labs
Randomized geometric algorithms, code for convex hulls, etc
Tony DeRose @ Pixar
Surface reconstruction, subdivision surfaces, wavelet analysis
Olivier Devillers @ INRIA
The Delaunay Tree
Robust Determinant computation
French computational geometry newsletter: GéDéoN
David Dobkin @ Princeton
No further comments necessary
Herbert Edelsbrunner @ UIUC
Ioannis Emiris @ INRIA
Code including convex hulls in any dimension, mixed volume, mixed subdivision, ...
David Eppstein @ U. California, Irvine
This is the absolute must-browse: Geometry in Action (with old entry point GINA).
More geometry related researchers, research groups, journals, and teaching resources.
Three Untetrahedralizable Objects
Geometry Junkyard
Jeff Erickson @ Duke
Jeff's Computational Geometry pages including lists of interactive Java applets and other down-loadable geometry software
A handy compilation of the discussion regarding the Impact Task Force Report
A page pointing to the different Computational Geometry Journals
The Information Supercollider
Paul Haeberli @ SGI
GRAFICA Obscura and Fiat Lux
Hugues Hoppe @ Microsoft Research
Progressive meshes, piecewise linear and/or smooth surface reconstruction
Ken Joy @ UC Davis
Exceptionally neat on-line notes concernig graphics, modeling and C++
Don Knuth @ Stanford University
Enough said
Dinesh Manocha @ UNC Chapel Hill
The UNC Research Group on Modeling Physically-Based Simulation and Applications
Pat Moran @ NASA Ames
Pat's Alpha Shape page.
Scott Mitchell @ Sandia
The International Meshing Roundtable
Steven Owen @ ANSYS & CMU
The Meshing Research Corner has a rather extensive bibliography on mesh generation.
Brian Paul @ Avid Technology
Togl and Mesa
Jean-Marc Robert @ U. Quebec
A computational geometry page including many pointers to homepages of others
David Salesin @ U. Washington
Graphics and Imaging Laborator: GRAIL
Coordinate-free geometric programming, surface reconstruction software & data
Jonathan Shewchuk @ CMU
The Triangle and Pyramid Delaunay triangulators
Adaptive precision floating-point arithmetic and robust computational geometry
Robert Schneiders @ U. Aachen
An exceptionally complete page about finite element mesh generation
Peter Schröder @ Caltech
The corner-cutting applet
Otfried Schwarzkopf @ Postech, South Korea
Miscellaneous computational geometry resources, Hyperlatex, and Ipe
Steven Skiena @ SUNY Stony Brook
The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
Seth Teller @ MIT
Computational geometry software, the Berkeley WalkThru, and more useful code
Roberto Tamassia @ Brown University
Annotated bibliography and tutorial on Graph Drawing.
Strategic Directions in Computational Geometry Working Group Report.
Dave Watson @ CSIRO, Perth
How natural are natural neighbors?
Delaunay triangulation or convex hull in 2D and 3D: nnsort.c
Spherical Delaunay triangulation Java applet: ModeMap